Baby LLama Has made her appearance..I was only 6 months off!


TwiIMG_0171lght Lucy is here! Once again I am reminded who is in control…certainly it is not me…this little sweet baby has brought much joy to Blessing Acres and her mama is proving herself as a GREAT first timIMG_0152IMG_0153e mama. IMG_0151


July 8, 2012

Been over a month since I blogged about the Blessing Acres goings on…must be the weather…HOT HOT HOT…I watch the chickens walk around with their little wings flapped out…the horses stand in the barn in front of the fans…and the llamas fight over the water sprinkler!

We took two of the horses and headed for cooler weather and ride time in the mountains…it was cooler and we managed to ride over 75 miles in a little short of a week…I could have stayed another week but home was calling.

We brought home some flowers from the mountains so I planted a “mountain meadow” flower plot..just to remind me of cooler times in these hot days!






When we are home working in the yard we let the llamas out of the pasture to roam around the yard with us…so as we were cleaning up from our project I looked over and spied Nacho enjoying the shade…I think he was daydreaming about a mountain meadow of his own!“chillin”

RC Cola my wild child who is showing all signs of being pregnant but no labor or delivery yet…(my guess is the scare was the baby turning and we have a month to go…but that is a guess)…decided hiding in the bushes was the place to be…can you “spot” her?

I see you!







And Moonbeam decided that it was his job to guard the feed box just in case someone happened along and wanted to eat some llama pellets…






and Luna just bebopped around the yard seeing what everyone else was doing…and checked out the “mountain meadow” herself!






Time to go sit on the front porch and dream of cooler weather and baby llamas!

“Birth” Day June 1, 2012

No do not get all excited…RC Cola did not give birth today…..but I have 24 guinea eggs in the incubator that were not due to hatch until next wednesday…..guess what I am listening to as I type this…yep…cheep cheep cheep…they decided to make their appearance today…so far one has hatched and is now cheeping..whistling for the others to hurry up and come out and play…needless to say I had to run around and make ready for their arrival this am…sigh and I thought I knew when they were going to hatch!

Just like I thought RC was going to give birth a couple weeks ago…and she has not…I saw the signs I just knew it was time..the eggs I had counted out and maintained the incubator just right so I would know when they were going to hatch…it reminded me that I am not the one in control…I can attempt to manipulate the environment to have them hatch when it is convenient for me but ultimately God has placed into them when it is time for them to hatch!

So today I will sit here and remember who is in control of all and praise Him for the surprises like guinea keets hatching as I sit here and blog…and as I typed this another is out so only 22 more to go…have a great day everyone and count those unexpected blessings!


Rambling May 29 2012

Nope no llama baby yet…went to the mountains with the horses for the weekend and came home to still no baby…her tummy looks bigger and she may be bagging up a bit but then again maybe it is my imagination!

So had a nice weekend riding in the mountains of NC….Leatherwood to be exact. Met some friends and enjoyed each others company and fellowship. Met new friends and enjoyed chatting with them around the fire. Yep we had a fire in May…

We got up early ate a quick breakfast and packed lunch and hit the trails. We found a few meadows and stopped and had lunch and gave the horses a break from moving us up and down the mountains. We usually made it back to have a quick nap or play in the creek before supper…was relaxing watching the fly fishermen catch those trout.

Came home and found guinea keets hatching as well as some black copper marans…the grandkids took great care of my chickens! I also picked a pint of cherry tomatoes, yellow and chocolate cherry and my first of this season cherokee purple…BLT sandwiches anyone?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and remembered what it is all about…it is not the picnic or BBQ’s or opening day at the swimming pools….Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Here at Blessing Acres we bow our heads and give thanks and remember the price it took and takes to allow us that freedom…..


Daily Ramblings 5-24-12

STILL NO BABY LLAMA!We are trail riding this weekend so I am sure she will have the baby while I am gone…and my daughter will just love that! Her picking her own time instead of the schedule I want her to be on reminds me of Gods timing…He is always right on time…we often think our timing is better and often complain when it is not in our time frame that WE planned…reminds me of Mary and Martha…Telling Jesus He was too late their brother had been dead and in the tomb for 4 days…they wanted Jesus to come on their time…knowing if He had come when they called for Him their brother would be alive…but we all know Jesus is always right on time…He came and glorified God and Lazarus rose from the tomb and was alive once more….


So little llama baby I will wait and you and your momma figure out the time that is right for you to make an appearance…I’ll be here waiting…….

Daily Ramblings 5/22/2012

Still no llama baby…..RC Cola is holding out on me!  But was able to go help friends shear alpacas…2 of them were the cutest little babies you ever saw 🙂 Also delivered 15 doz eggs to another friends restaurant.Came home and made go to guy supper and enjoyed sitting on front porch watching the llamas this evening. Watered the garden as the rain seems to have missed us tonight and ate a few cherry tomatos off the bush…mmm mmm good!

I have a calla lily blooming that a friend gave me and my day-lilies are blooming and spreading their joy as well…these are special to me because we stumbled upon the Day Lily farm in NC one year and every year since we have gone back to get more..they are reminders of the mountains to me and show me how resilient they are…dug up and separated  from the main cluster…put in wet newspapers at the campground…stuffed in the back of the trailer for the ride home…planted in totally different soil then they are use to living in…and yet they manage to grow-bloom-and multiply in their new surroundings.  I wonder if we would be as resilient as they are if God asked us to go outside our comfort zone and do His work or would we wilt and stagnant and shrivel up in despair over our situation….today I choose to be a DAY_LILY…what about you?

Daily Ramblings – 5/21/2012

So the nice thing about having a llama ready to give birth is you get to do “llama watch”. That is what I am doing today…sitting on the front porch sipping ice tea and watching RC Cola. She however could care less that I am concerned about her…I watch as she flips up her tail and strains a bit..I watch as she mashes the grass down where the cria evidently will plop out…I watch as she kushes down and then gets back up and I know she is uncomfortable but I can’t do a thing but watch and let nature take its course.

So I sit and smell supper cooking (carnitas) and snap green beans from the garden and think how blessed I am to be able to sit here and watch and wait. I also know I will get about 2-3 days once the baby is born to touch and love on the baby before RC warns it of the 2 legged people and I won’t be able to touch it again for quite awhile. I need to make the most of that time to make sure I dip its cord and give it some vitamins and get my cria kisses before momma says no more…so if I go missing look for me in the llama pasture loving on a miracle!