Daily Ramblings – 5/21/2012

So the nice thing about having a llama ready to give birth is you get to do “llama watch”. That is what I am doing today…sitting on the front porch sipping ice tea and watching RC Cola. She however could care less that I am concerned about her…I watch as she flips up her tail and strains a bit..I watch as she mashes the grass down where the cria evidently will plop out…I watch as she kushes down and then gets back up and I know she is uncomfortable but I can’t do a thing but watch and let nature take its course.

So I sit and smell supper cooking (carnitas) and snap green beans from the garden and think how blessed I am to be able to sit here and watch and wait. I also know I will get about 2-3 days once the baby is born to touch and love on the baby before RC warns it of the 2 legged people and I won’t be able to touch it again for quite awhile. I need to make the most of that time to make sure I dip its cord and give it some vitamins and get my cria kisses before momma says no more…so if I go missing look for me in the llama pasture loving on a miracle!


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