Daily Ramblings 5/22/2012

Still no llama baby…..RC Cola is holding out on me!  But was able to go help friends shear alpacas…2 of them were the cutest little babies you ever saw 🙂 Also delivered 15 doz eggs to another friends restaurant.Came home and made go to guy supper and enjoyed sitting on front porch watching the llamas this evening. Watered the garden as the rain seems to have missed us tonight and ate a few cherry tomatos off the bush…mmm mmm good!

I have a calla lily blooming that a friend gave me and my day-lilies are blooming and spreading their joy as well…these are special to me because we stumbled upon the Day Lily farm in NC one year and every year since we have gone back to get more..they are reminders of the mountains to me and show me how resilient they are…dug up and separated  from the main cluster…put in wet newspapers at the campground…stuffed in the back of the trailer for the ride home…planted in totally different soil then they are use to living in…and yet they manage to grow-bloom-and multiply in their new surroundings.  I wonder if we would be as resilient as they are if God asked us to go outside our comfort zone and do His work or would we wilt and stagnant and shrivel up in despair over our situation….today I choose to be a DAY_LILY…what about you?


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