Daily Ramblings 5-24-12

STILL NO BABY LLAMA!We are trail riding this weekend so I am sure she will have the baby while I am gone…and my daughter will just love that! Her picking her own time instead of the schedule I want her to be on reminds me of Gods timing…He is always right on time…we often think our timing is better and often complain when it is not in our time frame that WE planned…reminds me of Mary and Martha…Telling Jesus He was too late their brother had been dead and in the tomb for 4 days…they wanted Jesus to come on their time…knowing if He had come when they called for Him their brother would be alive…but we all know Jesus is always right on time…He came and glorified God and Lazarus rose from the tomb and was alive once more….


So little llama baby I will wait and you and your momma figure out the time that is right for you to make an appearance…I’ll be here waiting…….


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