Rambling May 29 2012

Nope no llama baby yet…went to the mountains with the horses for the weekend and came home to still no baby…her tummy looks bigger and she may be bagging up a bit but then again maybe it is my imagination!

So had a nice weekend riding in the mountains of NC….Leatherwood to be exact. Met some friends and enjoyed each others company and fellowship. Met new friends and enjoyed chatting with them around the fire. Yep we had a fire in May…

We got up early ate a quick breakfast and packed lunch and hit the trails. We found a few meadows and stopped and had lunch and gave the horses a break from moving us up and down the mountains. We usually made it back to have a quick nap or play in the creek before supper…was relaxing watching the fly fishermen catch those trout.

Came home and found guinea keets hatching as well as some black copper marans…the grandkids took great care of my chickens! I also picked a pint of cherry tomatoes, yellow and chocolate cherry and my first of this season cherokee purple…BLT sandwiches anyone?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and remembered what it is all about…it is not the picnic or BBQ’s or opening day at the swimming pools….Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Here at Blessing Acres we bow our heads and give thanks and remember the price it took and takes to allow us that freedom…..



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