July 8, 2012

Been over a month since I blogged about the Blessing Acres goings on…must be the weather…HOT HOT HOT…I watch the chickens walk around with their little wings flapped out…the horses stand in the barn in front of the fans…and the llamas fight over the water sprinkler!

We took two of the horses and headed for cooler weather and ride time in the mountains…it was cooler and we managed to ride over 75 miles in a little short of a week…I could have stayed another week but home was calling.

We brought home some flowers from the mountains so I planted a “mountain meadow” flower plot..just to remind me of cooler times in these hot days!






When we are home working in the yard we let the llamas out of the pasture to roam around the yard with us…so as we were cleaning up from our project I looked over and spied Nacho enjoying the shade…I think he was daydreaming about a mountain meadow of his own!“chillin”

RC Cola my wild child who is showing all signs of being pregnant but no labor or delivery yet…(my guess is the scare was the baby turning and we have a month to go…but that is a guess)…decided hiding in the bushes was the place to be…can you “spot” her?

I see you!







And Moonbeam decided that it was his job to guard the feed box just in case someone happened along and wanted to eat some llama pellets…






and Luna just bebopped around the yard seeing what everyone else was doing…and checked out the “mountain meadow” herself!






Time to go sit on the front porch and dream of cooler weather and baby llamas!


One thought on “July 8, 2012

  1. I don’t know nothin’ about llamas, but they sure look like they’ve got a handful of personality. Thanks for linking Save the Cowboy on here. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.

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