Who are we?

We have a small mini farm in the midlands of South Carolina. We raise chickens and produce and share our farm with a list of characters such as dogs, cats, horses, mules, llamas and chickens.

I enjoy working outside, cooking, and playing with the animals. I also dabble in soap felting and working with fiber.

My husband, Larry, is my go to guy, I tell him what I vision and somehow he makes it happen better then I imagined! He wears many “hats” around Blessing Acres!

We acquired our first llama to teach my horse that llamas could be our friends…this was Moonpie and he is the guard of the herd! We felt moonie needed a friend as Llamas are herd animals so next came RC Cola a small spotted female. We enjoyed them so much we now have Luna and Nacho our hiking partners and goodwill ambassadors. They have made appearances at Tractor Supply,  a local Farm Day (Emmett Acres in Bishopville SC) and sometimes can be seen walking the trails iaround town!  The horses have come to accept the llamas and the llamas often remind the horses to keep their distance. This year we are waiting for RC Cola and Luna to have crias (babies) so watch for pictures. You will also find ramblings from the “crazy chicken llama lady” and you never know what she might post!


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