“Birth” Day June 1, 2012

No do not get all excited…RC Cola did not give birth today…..but I have 24 guinea eggs in the incubator that were not due to hatch until next wednesday…..guess what I am listening to as I type this…yep…cheep cheep cheep…they decided to make their appearance today…so far one has hatched and is now cheeping..whistling for the others to hurry up and come out and play…needless to say I had to run around and make ready for their arrival this am…sigh and I thought I knew when they were going to hatch!

Just like I thought RC was going to give birth a couple weeks ago…and she has not…I saw the signs I just knew it was time..the eggs I had counted out and maintained the incubator just right so I would know when they were going to hatch…it reminded me that I am not the one in control…I can attempt to manipulate the environment to have them hatch when it is convenient for me but ultimately God has placed into them when it is time for them to hatch!

So today I will sit here and remember who is in control of all and praise Him for the surprises like guinea keets hatching as I sit here and blog…and as I typed this another is out so only 22 more to go…have a great day everyone and count those unexpected blessings!



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